About the adhesive

Many customers are concerned about the adhesive when they are buying bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring uses glue for the lamination process in its production. Glue contains formaldehyde, so bamboo flooring with formaldehyde glue is noxious. We understand this concern, but we don’t think it’s necessary.

We must use glue to produce bamboo flooring, but not all glue contains formaldehyde. Some glue contains formaldehyde, such as UF glue. Other glues, such as EPI glue, contain no formaldehyde. Of course EPI glue is better because it contains no formaldehyde, but it costs more and the adhesive ability is poorer than UF glue. The international market has an international standard for UF glue produced bamboo products: 1.5mg/L or less formaldehyde emission for E1 standard, and 0.5mg/L or less formaldehyde emission for E0 standard. The formaldehyde emission in the above mentioned standard is not harmful to people’s health. The formaldehyde emission for our bamboo flooring, bamboo veneer and bamboo panel is in the range of 0.2-0.4mg/L, so we think our bamboo products are your best choice.

Maybe you didn’t know that some wood flooring contains formaldehyde in the wood itself. Even though the wood flooring contains no glue there is formaldehyde present naturally.

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